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Easter 2017

George has dreamed about this day for many years! Growing up, they always had a big egg hunt out at his grandma’s ranch! Those memories live on and he always wanted a big hunt for his kids! This year is the first of many!


Spring Break – Day 3 Science Center, Pike Street, & Space Needle

Day three…We enjoyed the Pacific Science center, the market, and space needle! All the kids spent a lot of time learning at the science center,  which my kids loved! They are famous for requesting “Sunday Science” experiments in our house, so it seemed like they were in heaven!  Kiersten’s favorite thing was the gravity mirrors while Katelyn loved an experiment to test her noses smelling capability!  Enjoy the pictures from our “Science Monday”! My favorite by far was the butterfly exhibit, while I’m sure George’s favorites were the experiments to see how strong he was! In typical man fashion him and Bret had to one up each other! Comical, how things haven’t changed in all these years I’m sure! We had a great time with the Miller family! 

After that we Ubered down to Pikes Street Market!  I could spend hours there, but everyone else seemed to get bored quick!  I love all the vender booths and the flowers!! Of course we couldn’t miss the famous fish throwers! 

The last part of the day we visited the space needle at night! We went up the needle 5 years ago, during the day, and I have to say at night it’s much prettier!  The twinkling city lights are my favorite!! 

Spring Break – Day 2 Bass Pro Shop, aquarium, & cruise

Bass Pro Shop was the destination of the morning! At 9 am we hit the not so open road to Tacoma! We didn’t purchase much but bass pro is an adventure and the kids enjoyed all the sights! 

After Bass Pro Shop we became true tourists again, rode the monorail, enjoyed the sights of the Seattle aquarium, and then we went out on Argosy boat cruise out into Elliot bay!  Once back in dry land we indulged at The Crab Pot!!

Spring Break – Day 1 Woodland Zoo

This spring break we took time off but didn’t know if we were going to do anything! Last minute some great friends got ahold of us to plan a last minute trip to Seattle!  So we didn’t tell the kids, but as soon as they called it a night on Friday my work began! I went shopping for last minute rain ponchos (after all it is Seattle), snacks and got everything packed for a fun few days away! The alarms buzzed loudly at 5am and the fun began!  Waking the kids up and telling them to get up and get dressed for vacation was an amazing surprise! Their eyes sparkled with excitement!  We hit the road after enjoying some gooey cinnamon rolls! 

 This vacation is all about surprising the kids and when the gps said “Woodland park zoo will be on your left”… they were shocked! We walked aprox 4.5 miles at the zoo and saw some beautiful animals! 

We then came back and enjoyed an hour or so of swimming!  

Only to crash out as soon as we hit the bed!

Kiersten -3rd grade concert

The third grade put on a great concert tonight! The theme… the 80’s…. am I really that old now! My childhood years have now become vintage!

Snowy treck from the house

One thing we have loved about the new place is going out our back door for an adventure!

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