The First Mow

We put hydro-seed down back in July and it's crazy how fast it has grown in... the first Mow occurred this weekend... we have grass!  So exciting.

Hike to Revette Lake

While the kids went and stayed and the grandparents, George and I enjoyed a day hike!

What did we decide to do…

We were at the river for the first part of our week off... and then before I knew it we were back home knee deep in trenches for a sprinkler system!  Day two, at 10pm after working on the trenches all day, George and I sat on our steps and George literally asked me, "When... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July! 

This year we were able to once again take a week off around the 4th of July!  We went to the river and had a great times with friends! Of course george and friends had to one up the fireworks from last year! This year we did the fireworks early in the week, which was... Continue Reading →

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