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Halloween 2017


Carver Farms

We are very lucky to be so close to carver farms! We live heading down there and are disappointed to find out… this is their last year to have corn!

Jason Aldean concert

I won tickets… yep I rarely win anything but I won tickets to Jason Aldean (6th row) and George and I really enjoyed a night out without the kids! It was an awesome concert and Kane Brown was amazing also!

Closing up the river… and the annual picture!

It’s that time again!! To let the sadness come in as we lock the gate for the last time of the year! This river is seriously the best in the summer and I’m so glad we have it! But when summer comes to an end… I dream of next summer!!

Orofino Fair days – 2017

Since September signifies hunting season we usually leave the husband behind and head to Orofino for lumberjack days! Enjoy the pictures! We had a great time this year… I even got a wristband and rode with the girls!

First Day of School – 2017

My girls def love school and can’t wait to go back when summer break is over!!

Bring on Kindergarten and 4th Grade!!

Katelyn is also sooo excited for Kindergarten! For the first time in forever my kids are at the same school! This Mom is in heaven!

The First Mow

We put hydro-seed down back in July and it’s crazy how fast it has grown in… the first Mow occurred this weekend… we have grass!  So exciting.

Happy Birthday to me

I started a new eating plan back in June and I’m feeling great turning 35! Cheers to a year of health and happiness!

Hydroseed is coming….

Our whole family has been working our tails off since the 4th of July! We are officially ready for hydroseed!! It’s coming tomorrow!!

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