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Second annual New Years Party

Welcome to our second annual sledding party! Fun times for all!!


Christmas Game Night

Christmas tree- Carver farms

The First Mow

We put hydro-seed down back in July and it’s crazy how fast it has grown in… the first Mow occurred this weekend… we have grass!  So exciting.

Hydroseed is coming….

Our whole family has been working our tails off since the 4th of July! We are officially ready for hydroseed!! It’s coming tomorrow!!

What did we decide to do…

We were at the river for the first part of our week off… and then before I knew it we were back home knee deep in trenches for a sprinkler system!  Day two, at 10pm after working on the trenches all day, George and I sat on our steps and George literally asked me, “When did we decide to put in this sprinkler system?”  My answer, we never consciously decided we just started! It was 5 days of sun up to sun down of hard laborious work (with only one argument occurring, truly amazing LOL).  George and I worked side by side with some help from friends on a couple days and we accomplished so much! As I’m writing this (on July 9) we have the sprinkler system in, 8 zones worth, and curbing and hydroseed scheduled!  

Our kids have already ran in the sprinklers… in the top soil mud! They can’t wait until next summer to have a full yard of grass! Neither can I because that means less dirt in my house to clean up!  🙂

Paint on the house

When we closed back in December, we closed with the outside of the house unpainted because of the weather! We were ready to have our house color a little different than everyone else’s in the neighborhood!   We went with a Tan with chocolate brown trim! As it was going on we cringed… the tan was looking gold! Uuuhhhgggg!  

Once the chocolate trim went on it, thank goodness, took some of the gold out of the tan color! 

Easter 2017

George has dreamed about this day for many years! Growing up, they always had a big egg hunt out at his grandma’s ranch! Those memories live on and he always wanted a big hunt for his kids! This year is the first of many!

Easter Eve 2017

Easter is kind of a marker for me! It was the last Holiday we actually celebrated on Nellie Ct and although we faked Christmas at our new house this will be the first Holiday we actually celebrate in the new house!  

Once again we dyed our eggs with food coloring and rice! I haven’t found a cleaner way to do it and they always turn out great! 

Looking forward to the bunny visiting tonight and the big egg hunt tomorrow! 

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