First Day of School – 2017

My girls def love school and can't wait to go back when summer break is over!! Bring on Kindergarten and 4th Grade!! Katelyn is also sooo excited for Kindergarten! For the first time in forever my kids are at the same school! This Mom is in heaven!

Last Day With Our ABCD Family

Katelyn said her goodbyes to ABCD today! Although we are very excited to have our kids all in the same school, today marks the end of a chapter at ABCD! They have helped raise my babies and that is priceless!!

Pre-K Graduation day

´╗┐It's a very bitter sweet moment in our lives! My girls are growing up.  Katelyn will be entering Kinergarten and with that, we say goodbye to ABCD Daycare.  Katelyn is very excited to start Kindergarden but we have known ABCD for 7 years total and it was a very sad day when I picked Katelyn... Continue Reading →

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