Our first Campout

I just need to take a moment to reflect... our lives have been so crazy busy this years since January! Holiday travel, new school year, softball for both girls, the river cleanup, the new house and everything that goes along with the house, camper being totaled, new camper shopping and purchase... it just all seems... Continue Reading →

Last Day With Our ABCD Family

Katelyn said her goodbyes to ABCD today! Although we are very excited to have our kids all in the same school, today marks the end of a chapter at ABCD! They have helped raise my babies and that is priceless!!

Softball Season Coming to an End

This year both girls played little league here with the Lakeland Little League!! It was Kiersten's first year of fast pitch and Katelyn's first year of T-Ball. They learned so much this year and had a blast! So much fun but this mom was ready for the 5 day a week practices and games to... Continue Reading →

Stitches… first in our family! 

We have been lucky over the years, in that our kids have had minimal pains, a scratch here and there seems to be the worst of it!! While George and I were out putting a little sweat into the chicken coop, the kids decided to play a little T-ball.  I believe they were taking turns... Continue Reading →

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