From This House – Welcome to our new phase! 

December 2015 was a month of tough decisions, we decided to put our first home, that held all of our family memories, on the market! This was where our family began, so you can imagine how tough that was! As time had passed, and the years flew by, we were outgrowing our house on Nellie Ct. With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes we signed the papers that officially listed our home!  

A few months prior we chatted about building our future dream home with a local builder, but without a new house to move into, it was a huge challenge to be excited! It made putting our home on the market that much harder for me!  When the end of December came, we put up what we knew to be our last Christmas tree for this phase of our lives! 

Thank goodness for so many decisions that needed to be made at the beginning, as I know this and seeing our future house plans is what helped get me through those tearful first days!!

In April of the following year, we moved our family into a rental, where we thought we would be for four short months! Four months turned into nine long months!  On July 8th we finally were able sign paperwork to start our new house! In September of of 2016 we broke ground and literally watched our dream come alive! 

The builders and our family worked hard over the next few months and we gained a little sweat equity into our future home! We stained all the beams and peaks, did the rock work on the exterior, the trex deck, and our gas fireplace rockwork, hearth, and mantel!

The end of December arrived, and it was time to let the packing begin! We started packing Dec 26th and signed on Dec 29th!   Some of the most amazing friends and family literally moved our whole house in a day and we were setup after the weekend!!

On December 30th we set up the Christmas tree and celebrated Christmas morning on December 31st, as the kids refused to do Christmas in the rental! 

That night, we also had a New Years sledding party with all our friends! Not one picture was taken. It was a whirlwind moving in and getting settled, but we had the best family and friends to help us, and this place already feels like home! Looking back, all the tears of putting our first home on the market were so worth it! Now… welcome to our new house and our new blog… “From This House”

Ps.  The house will get paint when the weather gets better!! 

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