Drake Family Vacation – Glacier Day 1

This morning we slept in (who doesn't love that on day one of vacation). Once we got up and around we hit the road to Montana!  We didn't see anything breathtaking today! Was mainly a day of travel. We did stop at standpoint city beach! I was amazed how beautiful it was and we are... Continue Reading →

Fun weekend with friends at the Riverbank

We had a great weekend with friends! Bret and Megan and Bart and Rochelle got to come spend time at the river and we had the best time cutting loose!  We played yard games, hung out, but most of all relaxed and had some great laughs outside of work!!     

Lines Creek Historical Trail

This weekend we went to the river and had a relaxing day on Saturday just chilling in the sun! Today, Sunday, we had an amazing adventure up marble creek!  We followed the map up the mountain, Just about the time we were thinking about turning around we came to a big sign (the one we had been... Continue Reading →

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