Kayaking Begins

For Christmas last year Kiersten got a kayak from Santa and George and I got one from my parents... This weekend it's officially time to get them out in the water!!

Jet boat races on The Joe

This is the first year in the property for the boat races! It was a great time! A bit scary as the boats come very close to shore! If our dock would have been in, they would hit it, that's how close they are!! This year was absolutely amazing weather and we even got our... Continue Reading →

One year ago, our goal!!

One year ago we put our minds on a mission to save money in order to buy the riverbank and I'm happy to say that we accomplished a goal that 18 months ago we thought we could only dream of accomplishing (like how we all dream of winning the lottery). We set a goal in... Continue Reading →

Bloomsday 2015

My mom and I once again did bloomsday! I absolutely love this race! Although I wasn't in as good of shape as the year before... I still was determined to run the thing! I completed it and ran the whole race however my time was a bit slower!! Goal next year is to beat all... Continue Reading →

Our Catcher

This weekend Kiersten got to play catcher for the first time! She didn't want to do it at first but after she got into the gear she learned to like it! George and I were really impressed how she stayed on her toes and didn't kneel on her knees! She did amazing and so far... Continue Reading →

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