Happy Halloween 2014

This year I wasn't quite sure what my girls are going to be for Halloween! I figured Kiersten would want to be a princess… Frozen has been on our mind ever since it came out! Kiersten loves Elsa and Katelyn loves Anna! But instead, Kiersten decided they needed to be the same thing and a... Continue Reading →

Kiersten and her fashion!

I don't know where my kid got it from but Kiersten is super into what she wears! She is very high maintenance when it comes to her clothes! I no longer attempt to shop for her, because nothing I buy she will wear. Ever since it started to get cold out we have tried to... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin carving – 2014

Kiersten usually just dives right into the pumpkins! This year George Drake captured one funny face from her. Other than that her hair is always on her face and it was hard to get any pictures of her.Katelyn still isn't super fond of sticking her hands inside the pumpkins! We barely got her to do... Continue Reading →

Family adventure to Greenbluff

We took her annual trip to Greenbluff today! This is the first year that I really recall Katelyn enjoying it. She found her pumpkin and although it wasn't perfect and her eyes it was the one! She absolutely refused to let anybody else carry it and she made everyone know that it was hers. The... Continue Reading →

Katelyn wants a baby!

We went over to Bryan and Erin's for a birthday party and Cameron and Danielle brought their newest baby, Harper! Katelyn thought she was more like a baby doll and really just wanted to play with her. We convinced her that she had to have somebody else help her when she was holding baby Harper.... Continue Reading →

Cross Country

Kiersten loves to be involved in stuff and although, dare I say it, she isn't very athletic at her current age (Just FYI, she is however, super smart) she still wanted to be involved in cross country! They had practice twice a week and she got to run with all her friends for a good month... Continue Reading →

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