Big Horn Show – 2014

We try to go to the big horn show every year and the best part is the fishing for the kids.  Not my favorite part by any means, but most of the kids love it!!   Katelyn cracks me up... she wouldn't have anything to do with fishing or touching the fish!   But she did get... Continue Reading →

Spokane Shock

Every year or so we get the privilege of going to a Spokane Shock game paid for by George's work! It a good adult time away from the kids!  This year George fed me Mike's hard lemonades.  Little did I know they were "Harder" lemonades.  That would explain this picture.  Two and that was all... Continue Reading →

Nascar in Vegas

 We went to Vegas for NASCAR and it was a blast.  Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost most of the pictures I had from Vegas. Here are a few that I saved from my Facebook account.Vegas really was a great time.  We went with Bryan and Erin and then met Kirk and his crew... Continue Reading →

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