New job… new craft project.

I applied for a new job not long ago in our Informatics department at Kootenai.  As you all know I love computers and love techy stuff, So I think this is going to be a great fit and i'm looking forward to the change and to working with some great people.  With this change means... Continue Reading →

Losing my MIND and my KEYS.

So, I don't know about all of you but I believe the idea of pregnancy brain and that it extends well past being pregnant.  I believe that when you have children, the moment they are born, they steal part of your brain also.  My husband would agree that I can't remember the littlest of things,... Continue Reading →

Gymnastic Mini Olympics

Kiersten has been enjoying Gymnastics for about 6 months or so and we had a Saturday mini Olympics.  She had a great time although she is still very shy when she is doing the beam.  You can tell she is nervous in front of people because she does fabulous when I take her at her... Continue Reading →

The first real Shovel of Snow for the season…

Not enough worth running the snow blower... But enough to get a good shoveling workout! My first real snow shovel of the season!  I love taking in the peaceful time of shoveling... yes I think it's peaceful... reminds me of my childhood snowboarding out in the powder!  Yes I dream of days gone by!!

An official Toy Room

Now that the girls are sharing their bedroom, the baby room has officially been released from holding my babies and has now been converted into a toy room.  The girls couldn't be more proud to have their own room to just make messy!!  Although it's clean now... it will probably be one of the few... Continue Reading →

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