The last bite…swiped by the Cookie Monster.

When reviewing my pictures to make sure I didn't miss any good ones I found this beauty, I call it Katelyn the Cookie Monster.  She had literally just swiped the last bite of Kiersten's cookie out of Kiersten's hand and shoved it in her mouth...I'm not sure how I even caught this moment... but it... Continue Reading →

Super Star Week

I have a superstar... for the week! (well always really)It's Kiersten's week to have her HUGE photo on the wall along with all the things she loves now and has grown up loving.The things she chose were:  Pictures of her family and of course Hannah the neighbor girl. Her favorite book to read at the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards…

I decided that it might be fun to make our Christmas cards with the girls... unsure what they are going to turn out like and really unsure if I will send them out as our family cards. haha

Miss Personality

She is all personality!!  Love her but she is for sure my second child!  God gave her to me second for a reason... We most likely wouldn't have had another one, had we had her first!! 🙂

Happy Halloween–Trick or Treat ~ 2013

Today we decided to venture to down town Coeur d’Alene for some trick or treating with the business instead of doing the neighborhood thing!  This is the first year we have every done this.  It was an experience!  If both my girls were Kiersten’s age it would have been great, however, Katelyn believes she is... Continue Reading →

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