Eye doctor appointment

If you following our story you know that Kiersten had a lazy eye when she was a baby. She had to have glasses at the age of six months and she finally got out of them at the age of three. So now Kiersten has to have annual Eye doctor appointments. She is only five years old and most kids have never been to an eye doctor by this age. I really recommend taking your children to the eye doctor whether you think they have a problem or not it’s better to find the problem early than to wait until it’s too late.

Katelyn’s first eye appointment was when she was six months old and she checked out just fine since then they have decided that they want to see her annually as well. So we had her second appointment yesterday, and everything checked out just fine. I was a little worried because she tends to hold her head tilted to one side most of the time. However the doctor said her eyes muscles are working just fine. Therefore unless we see any other problems we will have a check up again in one year!

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