Pumpkin Carving

This year was Katelyn’s first pumpkin carving experience.  Last year she crawled around us as we carved but she never had an interest in actually touching the pumpkins.  This year I was shocked to see that she not only wanted her pumpkin but she actually stuck her hand inside of it and didn’t really cringe! ... Continue Reading →

Fillings at the dentist

So when Kiersten had her dentist appointment they found out that she had some cavities. We went in and had them fixed today and she did so well! She got a shot and had two cavities filled and she never cried or expressed any fear! Of course I didn't tell her what was going to... Continue Reading →

Apple cider press

Today we made the venture to Orofino to a friends to make apple cider and all the kids got to ride the old steam engine! It was really fun and we are taking home a gallon of apple cider! My mom picked apples off her trees and we got 4.25 gallons total from her apples!

Eye doctor appointment

If you following our story you know that Kiersten had a lazy eye when she was a baby. She had to have glasses at the age of six months and she finally got out of them at the age of three. So now Kiersten has to have annual Eye doctor appointments. She is only five... Continue Reading →

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