Kiersten’s First Swimming Lessons

Kiersten started swimming lessons for the first time 3 weeks ago. This summer she learned how to be a fish, with a life jacket on!  Every since we have been in the water all summer she has been asking us when she would be able to learn!  She only goes once a week but she... Continue Reading →

Mark leaving for Australia

My brother is getting a trip of a lifetime to Australia for work.  His company is paying for the trip however he is really nervous to leave Nichele for 33 days.  I try to remind him that its better to do it now, and to enjoy the journey but I still can't imagine how hard... Continue Reading →

I ran a Half Marathon!!

So In July of 2012, You could say I had a midlife revelation that was really bothering me!  I was about to turn 30 years old and I was in the worst shape of my life.  I walked Bloomsday in May which was about 7.5 miles and I thought I might die.  My mom out... Continue Reading →

Kiersten starts kindergarten

Wow, can you believe that Kiersten is five years old and started kindergarten on 3rd of September this year and she is loving every minute of it! Although she loves every minute of it, it is quite a change. She has to go to school five days a week which is much different than in... Continue Reading →

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