Summer Fun 2013

This summer was spent playing in the sun more than any other summer we have had up here in North Idaho.  This year I decided to get us a family pass to Silverwood and we have had the best time!  We went almost weekly and got great sun tans.  Kiersten learned how to go down... Continue Reading →

The St Joe–Our dream camping area!

This year we had the privilege of being able to camp down on the St Joe on some friends property.  We went down there a total of 4 times this summer and fell in love each time! If I had the extra money I would buy a river lot right now just to have it... Continue Reading →

Camping July 4, 2013

For many years we have been saying that we wanted to go to the Potlatch are camping with Brett and Tami!  We finally were able to set a weekend aside to go down there and we had a great time!  Wish we would have done it more this summer.  Next summer I’m hoping to not... Continue Reading →

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