Carson and Kiersten ~ Christmas 2012

No one can ever deny the connection that these two kiddos have!  Whenever we are able to visit these two pickup just where they left off!  I really wish we could live closer, because I know these two would for sure be best friends if they could be together more often! 

Christmas in HSB ~ 2012

This year we also go to go down to HSB for christmas.  Here is Kiersten in the pickup as we are heading down.  I just can’t believe how grown up she is becoming!   Our Christmas Eve tradition… Every year we get everyone gifts for Christmas Eve, It is always the same thing….PAJAMAS.  Well we... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Orofino ~ 2012

This was the first Christmas that really stood out with Nichele and Katelyn.  They showed a little interest in presents and it was a great time.  We also got to go up and visit Darold and Marcie and their family.  My Cousin Ashley was there with her twin boys!  They are very entertaining and a... Continue Reading →

Kiersten’s First Loose Tooth

Kiersten has her first loose tooth.  I wasn't prepared to deal with this so soon.  Many of my friend's children haven't lost their teeth and they are much older.  This was a big reality check... My Girls Will Grow Up.  So not only did her tooth get loose, she isn't a wimp when it comes... Continue Reading →

The Nutcracker

My neighbor has talked about going to the nutcracker many times in the past and taking her girls.  This year I finally decided that I should take Kiersten.  So I purchased the tickets and we left Katelyn and Dad at home for the event.  Kiersten and I got all dressed up and went to the... Continue Reading →

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