Welcome Diamond

This year Santa sent an Elf to watch over my children for the month before Christmas.  We read the book to Kiersten and you can tell she wasn't sure about this elf thing.  However, she gave her a name... DIAMOND and looked forward to see what kind of adventures Diamond would get into each night! ... Continue Reading →

Sister Time

Kiersten loves helping with her sister and I finally got a picture of her giving her sister a bath in the sink.  I think this was one of the last sink baths...she is growing up to fast! 

Trick or Treat 2012

Kiersten was Tinkerbell once again and Katelyn was a pink bunny rabbit. This was the first year for Katelyn and she was still to little to understand what was going on. She mainly stayed in the stroller in her warm cuddly Rabbit Costume.  We had a great time walking around Kristen Lockler's neighborhood with Cade... Continue Reading →

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