Pumpkin carving 2012

This year we kept the carving simple! Kiersten loved drawing on the pumpkins, and George carved her two! George was the artist of both my pumpkin and his! Enjoy!

Carver Farms 2012

This year George wasn't able to do the pumpkin patch with us, Therefore instead of just me trucking both the girls up to Greenbluff, I decided, we would do a smaller farm, Carver Farms.  We go to this family owned farm every year for Christmas trees and strawberry picking, however have never done pumpkins here.  It... Continue Reading →

Soccer pictures 2012

Today was the last game that I get to see! I had the privilege of being a fill in assistant coach today! It was great to be involved more in the game today and Kiersten ran her butt off the whole game! Which was a lot because we had two players missing! So we had... Continue Reading →

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