Introducing Kiersten: The Singing Princess

Kiersten was playing out front and I hear her voice singing a way.  I let her sing for a long time and then I should have this on video.  Once I videoed her, she decided I didn't need to listen anymore and came and shut the front door... and then proceeded to go back and sing for the... Continue Reading →

The house’s “New Skin”

As Kiersten has grown her personality is in everything, which I love.  I’m not sure where all our time or what we thought was funny back before having kids.  Anyhow, that’s how this title came about.  Our house had old siding on it that was starting to fall off and rotting in places and it... Continue Reading →

Soccer 2012

This year we have gotten Kiersten involved in city league Soccer.  The 4 year old team is all about having fun and just teaching them basic skills.  She has a blast however says she gets tired and needs water a lot.  We were at the dinner table the other night and George and her were... Continue Reading →

Shopping and First Day of School

Kiersten, Grandma Kate, and I went school clothes shopping.  It was an official “lets go school shopping” trip, which we had never done before!  Kiersten loved it for the first few stores.  Although her smart mouth was rough to handle a few times.  She was super excited and took some calming down.  One dress I... Continue Reading →

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