Kiersten’s 4th Birthday

I was going to plan a big birthday party for Kiersten, however being pregnant and almost do I decided against it.  We had friends over and did a small party and she got her dora cake and that was all she cared about.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Love you! George made talapia while I finished... Continue Reading →

Our First Snow Day….

This winter has been a bit strange.  We have had very little accumulation of snow so today we got an accumulation we could actually play in!  Kiersten was loving it and she is only 4 but she gets to now go out and play in our little neighborhood with me staring out the window!  She... Continue Reading →

36 week appt!

Appointment went well.  My doctor was running behind so I saw a different one.  Didn't get to see the little munchkin...was hoping cause Steph said she would get the US machine out but Penney didn't and I didn't ask!  Just listened to heart rate. Heart rate was 155, strong. Appears to be head down now...... Continue Reading →

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