Silverwood Trip

We went up to Silverwood today and Kiersten had a blast!  We played in the water park. I didn’t take any pictures at the water but she loved that the most. Here are some photos from the rides! Thanks Jamie for Riding with the kids….not sure I could have handled it!

Today’s appt

Just got back from my doctors appointment. We had our third ultrasound today and the last for a while until we hit 20 weeks or so!  Ultrasound went great… I saw the heart beat clicking away on the screen.  Can’t see anything else on the baby just cause we are so soon.  Was so thankful... Continue Reading →

Another one!!

After almost 3 weeks of not knowing what’s going on with this baby in my belly we decided to tell everyone anyways!  With Kiersten we waited until 12 weeks but with this one I just couldn’t do that.  So,  so far I have had lab work drawn multiple times and everything is rising how it... Continue Reading →

Not Again… Please

So as my previous post, that hasn’t actually been published to the blog yet, you have heard I’m pregnant.  Last year when I went through the Tubal pregnancy, my Nurse Practitioner said the next time I got pregnant I needed to be seen early, So I made an appointment right away!  I went in for... Continue Reading →


Written June 2nd 2011 So this week my parent have had kiersten all week.  Its been sad, but also has given me lots of time to clean my house without having to just turn around and pick it up again!!  I miss her and will look forward to getting her back home on Sunday. So... Continue Reading →

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