A little Ice Cream in the Sun!

Today, it finally was nice and sunny… I think we almost hit 70!!!  It was an amazing day and we finally got to spend some time outdoors.  George mowed the lawn and Kiersten and I made up the mixture to make ice cream.  When George got done mowing we took the Ice Cream Ball outside... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter 2011

This year for Easter we had the privilege of being able to go to HSB for the holiday. We had a great time and Kiersten had a blast seeing all her cousins and hunting Easter eggs at the town Easter egg hunt. However out of everything we did that was Easter related, I think she... Continue Reading →

Life is precious…Jayci Darrington Fund

Last week, I found out that one of my best friends from high school’s little girl was missing.  My heart sunk and my mind started flashing to what Krissy and her family must be going through.  Her little girl was being watched by family friends and somehow got to the river that was next to... Continue Reading →

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