Kiersten tube SURGERY….

Hello everyone,I'm glad to say that surgery went WELL. We went in to Kootenai Outpatient Surgery at 6:30 this morning and they pre-op'd Kiersten. They took her out of her PJ's and put her into a little disposable shirt and pants. After asking many questions, and us seeing the doctor, and anesthesia, They invited one... Continue Reading →


Monday is the big surgery day... i know not such a big surgery! But it is for parents when there child is getting anesthesia! I pray everything goes well and we are much better after wards.Friday Night Kiersten started getting fevers again and has been very cranky. I called the surgeon's office yesterday and got... Continue Reading →


So we went to the ear doctor today. The ultimate decision made by me was to get the tubes. The doctor informed me of the risks and benefits...and the decision was up to me. I opted to get them put in at this point. George is out of town...we have talked a little bit about... Continue Reading →


Its only wednesday, and it has already been a very long week. George is out of town for work all week. Kiersten and I took him to the Spokane airport at 4am on Monday, and then came home and her schedule has been off ever since. Although I don't really think it was the 4am... Continue Reading →

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