Follow up appt…

So we took Kiersten into her pediatrician again for a follow up to look at her ears! Looks like we have a tough girl. She has been sleeping normally and acting normal, so i figured her ears were better. THEY WEREN'T. The doctor said both ears are full of puss. So she prescribed the third... Continue Reading →

First Camping Trip…

So we went camping for the first time last weekend… Kiersten loved it.  She just loves being outside so much , and now that the weather is good we have the option of being outside!so here are pics from camping trip. She loved her cheeseburgers! We also went to the play area… she loved it. She loved... Continue Reading →

Once she walked…now she climbs!!

So… Since Kiersten has learned to walk, then she learned how to run around the house, and now she knows how to climb on everything. Not that I let her do this… I don’t on a normal basis, but I had to get pictures   So here is our little climber.

Busy Girl…

So sorry I haven’t written lately.  Not even sure when my last post was.  A LONG TIME AGO.  Been busy now that Kiersten is mobile. She is walking all over the place and is loving her new found attitude.  She loves to throw her head into things, or throw herself backwards whenever she doesn’t get... Continue Reading →

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