First Sledding Experience…

Okay, so although we have had TONS of snow this winter up here... We haven't really taken Kiersten out into it.  She finally went through a growth spurt and now her 12 month snowsuit fits her.  Last night we got a couple new inches of snow, so I decided I would take her out into... Continue Reading →

Talking and walking…

So Kiersten still isn't talking much... she says Dad, and mama (rarely, and i'm still not convinced she knows its us) Her Favorite words however are "Hi" She picks up the phone and puts it to here ear and in a very sweet high pitched voice says "hiii".And the other one that I think is... Continue Reading →

Update on the pickup…

I'm so excited to say they didn't total the pickup!! They are planning on fixing it. The body shop said they would probably have it done in two weeks. We can't wait to have it back. But I'm going to prevent driving it at all cost!! hahaWe are planning a camping trip next month down... Continue Reading →

Anxious… and going crazy!!!

So we still haven't heard about the pickup. I'm going crazy really. How long can it possably take to tell me if George's pickup is fixable or not!We did find out that Jerry's body shop... said there was $19,600 damage. So it is right on the edge of being totaled. It all depends on how... Continue Reading →

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