Fun Times with Family…

So while we were in HSB... we let loose and were like college kids again!! Its been a while, Since kiersten has been in our life, I can't remember a night where we have went out drinking with friends.Anyhow we went to Jeni and Cody's house and had a wonderful time playing beer pong. The... Continue Reading →

Christmas….In Boise 12/29/08

Wow the Christmas holiday went by so fast. We went to Boise for 5 days and then were suppose to go to Orofino for 5 days. Our vacations was cut a little short due to all the snow back at home. We did however have a great time visiting family and friends. There was a... Continue Reading →

Kiersten’s first "SHINER"

So Kiersten got her first black eye a couple days ago. She was playing, looking out the window and went to fall straight back. But instead, she decided to turn to her right to catch herself, and she turned right into the coffee table. Her eye swelled instantly, and became bright red around her eye.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to our family, Digger!!

Well we officially got another dog. His name is Digger, we aren't sure what his papered name is going to be yet. We haven't figured that out. So his name may change haha. Anyhow he is 8 week old chocolate puppy. So now we have 2 chocolate labs. Hershey absolutely loves him. She has someone... Continue Reading →


We went and got our picture taken on Santa's lap for the first time... Kiersten didn't cry....just starred, like she always dose. She watched Santa for a bit and then sat on his lap and starred at the camera for a while!! Here is her first Santa photo!!

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