New lenses…and possably new frames!

So if you weren't aware Kiersten wasn't on our vision insurance for the first year of her life because we didn't think we would use it, obviously we were wrong. So the first glasses were not covered by insurance, we payed for them. Insurance goes into affect as of January so technically we could get... Continue Reading →

Glasses Checkup…

We had Kiersten's eye appointment on Tuesday of this week... the eye doctor said her eye is 99% better. She said she was very pleased with how much better it was, than the first time we saw her. She decided that she wanted to change the prescription in the left eye. So we have a new... Continue Reading →

Halloween Pics

So we only made it to a couple places on Halloween since we got to Boise so late in the evening...but Kiersten still got to dress up. I didn't get any pictures that turned out on Halloween night but here are some from the other day when I put her in her costume just to take pics!! I ended up making... Continue Reading →

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