My big Girl!!

So she is growing up...First clue she is growing up...she is getting teeth. two to be exact. I noticed one poking through on the 24th of this month and then the other front bottom tooth i noticed this morning. Doesn't seem like they have affected her much except I'm wondering now if the cold symptoms... Continue Reading →

More fun…not really!! We have a sick girly!

So Kiersten has had a cough for a very long time. Almost 3 weeks. I finally broke down and took her to the doctor after she couldn't sleep last night cause she was choking and coughing on a post nasal drip. She also had a fever through the night. We were up almost every hour... Continue Reading →

Kiersten’s Milestones…

Kiersten doesn't crawl totally yet...but she definitely knows how to get some where if she wants something. She can roll anywhere she wants to go and about a week and half ago she started army crawling. Where she propels herself forward by her elbows. Its pretty cute.and the other proud milestone...she says MAMA.....Her first word... Continue Reading →

Mark and Kim’s Wedding

We had my brothers wedding in August. It was a lot of fun and I hope it was a perfect day for Kim and Mark. Congrats to both of them. I have to say Kim looked amazing in her dresses. (yes I said dresses). I also have to say I was a pretty proud mom...... Continue Reading →

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