How many medical professionals does it take…

Okay So Kiersten had her 6 month appointment yesterday. I thought that she was tall, because she is fitting into a lot of her 9 month clothes and I had to buy her 9 month pj's. Anyhow evidently clothing companies do not know how big a 6 month old is. And it takes 4 medical professionals... Continue Reading →

Sisterly Love… Hershey and Kiersten

You may be asking...who is Kiersten's sister...yes its Hershey!!! (our now neglected child) We had hershey in the house the other day because it always seems to make Kiersten happy when she is being a crab apple!! We took some photos and video clips so here they are!!

Our baby Girl!!

Just had to post these pictures... I was doing the dishes in the kitchen...and Kiersten was playing in her exersaucer... after a couple minutes of being in the kitchen she wasn't making any more noise!! I rounded the corner to check on her and here is what I saw:then yesterday I was getting ready to... Continue Reading →

Happy Half Birthday to you!!

Kiersten is officially 6 months old today. She isn't sitting up yet on her own...she really has no interest. She will sit on your lap a few seconds without toppling over but that's the extent of it. IF you try to sit her on the floor she just throws herself backwards and lays down to roll. She loves... Continue Reading →

Addicted to tv at only 6 months

Kiersten is a big time people watcher already. I take her to daycare and every time they bring her little toys to play with...she just lets them sit there...and she watches all the babies. Well... she also is addicted to TV watching as well. We laid her near the couch in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

Catching up on things…

These first pictures are of this last weekend Kiersten and I went to Orofino and had a great time... She is a water baby for sure and loved the lake....she screamed when I took her OUT of the water. Here are some pictures of her playing in the lake with her cute life jacket on... Continue Reading →

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