Taking on a new adventure…

So Kiersten has started rice cereal, so I decided to take on the newest adventure of making her baby food. Yes, I know, you can call me crazy...but... I have tasted that jar food, (thanks to Angela and Lisa, at my baby shower) and its NASTY. Anyhow my friend Jamie makes her own food and gave me... Continue Reading →

Kiersten and the Water

She is loving playing in the backyard with the sprinkler this summer. It's fun to watch her learn and grow.  She loves to fill the dog dish then dump it out and of course likes to lay in my sun chair!

First Cereal Feeding

So to start out I have to tell everyone that at Kiersten's last appointment the doctor said that we could start feeding her rice cereal if we wanted to. I had always heard you should wait until they are 6 months, so I asked if I had to yet. She said, "No, You don't have to,... Continue Reading →

HSB trip

We went to HSB this last weekend. We had lots of fun. We had a great time going on a 4 wheeler ride and have many BBQ's. And of course the guys had to go out on there motorcycles. But here are some pictures of Kiersten while we were down in Southern Idaho. ENJOY. Happy... Continue Reading →

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