Kiersten Drake – 4 Months

Kiersten at 4 months old... what a doll!  We love her so much and can't imagine life without her already.  She has already found her feet and holds her own bottle. She is wrapped around her daddy's little finger already and they love to take naps together... on the floor.

Kiersten Laughing

Kiersten started laughing today! What she laughs at is her dad making bomb/fire cracker like noises. She leans up against his legs and faces him and when he makes these noises...she laughs like crazy. Its the cutest most innocent laugh I've ever heard!  To bad you can't hear it in photos!!

Kiersten in the sling and on the Motorcycle

Her first experience on a motorcycle... just sitting here with it OFF, but daddy was happy to have her on it with him!!And I keep her in the swaddle sling all the time.  She gets pretty comfy and this is how I get things done around the house with the little baby.

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