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Second annual New Years Party

Welcome to our second annual sledding party! Fun times for all!!


Christmas Game Night

Christmas Eve with friends!

Every year we get together with our friends and we have dinner, games and one present.. pajamas! George’s were definitely the highlighted pajamas! Haha

Merry Christmas from our family

Game Night

Christmas tree- Carver farms

Rough Thanksgiving

This week has been rough! George got news his grandma wasn’t doing very well, so he and the kids went to Boise while I stayed home since I was oncall for work! When he was leaving… Digger had a seizure and ran away! Last night (thanksgiving) we found him curled under a tree on our neighbors property! He could barely move! My dad and the neighbors helped me get some food and water into him and he peeked up enough to get him into the pickup and get him home! But last night in the house… he just wasn’t the same dog! He whined and paced the house all night and wouldn’t calm down! The vet thinks he probably has a brain tumor as we did lots of testing on him two months ago but his symptoms were just getting worse! So this morning when I left for work… I said my final goodbye to our Digger Dog! Man I love him and miss him more than ever!

Garth Brooks Concert

Wow that’s all I really need to say! He was simply amazing!!

Weightloss Journey—- GOAL

I started a new eating lifestyle back in June of this year and have been focused on just following the rules that my nutrition coach advises and today I’m happy to say that I have hit 75lb down in 5 months! I feel so much better and am so thankful for “The Code Red Lifestyle.”Follow my meals and cooking blog over at

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